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Best Bike Helmet with Chin Guard in 2024 (Convertible)

best bike helmet with chin guard
Best Bike Helmet with Chin Guard

To protect yourself while cycling, you must find a fitting helmet. This article will closely examine five incredible products on the market today. These reviews will allow you to select the best bike helmet with chin guard.

Our top choice is the Bell Sanction Bike, which features an ABS shell that is incredibly tough and offers a high degree of protection. This helmet will also provide you with a very comfortable fit. It features a total of 15 vents as well as thick, breathable interior padding.

Before you decide on a particular helmet, we encourage you to learn about each of the following products.

How We Picked The Best Bike Helmet with Chin Guard

As we put together our best bike helmet with chin guard list, there were a few key things we chose to focus on. We started by looking at the outer shell of these helmets. This is crucial in determining just how sturdy each one is. A strong and impact-resistant material is required for proper protection.

We also looked at the interior of these helmets to check for a couple of different things. You must choose one that has a good amount of padding inside. This can make it more comfortable to wear while providing you with extra protection in the event of an accident.

A Spotlight On Some of The Best Bike Helmets with Chin Guard 2022:

Bell Sanction Full Face Bike Helmet

Giro Switchblade MIPS Adult Mountain Cycling Helmet

Lixada Kids Bike Helmet

BELL Super Air R MIPS Adult Mountain Bike Helmet

ROCKBROS Kids Full Face Helmet 

Bell Sanction Full Face Bike Helmet


The Bell Sanction Bike Helmet offers full face coverage for maximum riding protection. It also features an ABS plastic construction that is quite durable.

With a total weight of only 850 grams, this helmet is incredibly light and doesn’t have a heavy feel. It has 15 vents for a breathable and comfortable overall fit. You’ll never have to deal with an excess buildup of heat or moisture, which is a huge plus.

We also like the adjustable visor, which offers optimal eye protection. This is something that you will appreciate when riding on sunny days. It can be adjusted to several different positions.

This helmet is available in various sizes, so you should be able to find one that matches your needs. These sizes include X-small (49 to 50 cm), Small (52 to 54 cm), Medium (55 to 57 cm), and Large (58 to 60 cm).

The adamant but comfortable design of this helmet makes it worth considering as best bike helmet with chin guard. It features thick interior padding that is soft and durable. This design also gives you added protection in the event of an accident. The padding is also breathable, so you’ll never get too hot wearing it.

Whether on a mountain bike or BMX bike, this helmet offers much. It is specifically made to withstand high-speed impacts without sustaining too much damage. You can trust that it will keep you safe at all times.


  • Thick interior padding offers a very comfortable fit
  • ABS plastic construction is remarkably tough as a whole
  • Visor can be adjusted to multiple positions
  • A total of 15 different vents to ensure excellent air circulation
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes


  • Some customers say that the helmet starts coming a bit loose after a while

Giro Switchblade MIPS Adult Mountain Cycling Helmet


The Giro Switchable MIPS Adult Mountain Cycling Helmet boasts an ultra-durable in-mold construction. It surpasses all safety standards for modern bike helmets. This will give you complete peace of mind while riding in any setting.

This helmet’s chinbar offers ample protection and can be removed with ease. The Multi-Directional Impact Protection System, or MIPS, is designed to redirect energy in the event of a crash. This helps a lot with minimizing injuries, even with high-speed accidents.

One of the reasons we picked this product for our best bike helmet with chin guard list is its superb ventilation. There are 20 vents to help keep your head cool and dry.

The Hydrophilic X-Static padding inside this helmet also helps minimize heat and moisture buildup as you ride. It helps you stay very comfortable as well.

It features a Roc Loc Air DH fit system. This design keeps the helmet off the top of your head just slightly. This allows for optimal airflow at all times. As a result, you will never have to deal with feeling too hot or sweaty while riding.

We also like this helmet’s P.O.V. Plus visor, which gives you numerous adjustable positions. You can set it to a high position for convenient goggle storage. It comes with a spare visor that you can mount a camera to.


  • Extremely rugged in-mold construction gives you ample protection
  • Visor is designed for a variety of positions
  • A comprehensive ventilation system helps you stay cool and dry
  • Hydrophilic padding inside the helmet effectively minimizes moisture buildup
  • Roc Loc Air DH design gives you an ideal overall fit that is very secure


  • The interior padding is a bit thin

Lixada Kids Bike Helmet


The Lixada Kids Bike Helmet features a detachable chin guard for a versatile overall design. It is easy to take off and put back on, requiring just a straightforward step.

We were very impressed by this helmet’s 4-layer construction. It features a sturdy PC shell and an EPS layer that absorbs impact force effectively. There’s also an interior pad and sponge pad in the chin guard, both of which can be removed for easy cleaning. This design offers plenty of comfort as well as protection.

You’ll appreciate the 13 different vents that this helmet offers. It has an aerodynamic design will give you optimal airflow while riding to stay calm. This helmet is made to minimize air resistance while preventing moisture buildup. You, therefore, won’t have to deal with getting hot and sweaty while riding.

Another reason that we chose this product for our best bike helmet with chin guard list is its adjustable design. You can modify this helmet for the perfect overall fit.

It offers a size range of 20 to 22 inches. This makes it easier to get a comfortable and secure fit that feels just right. There is a little wheel on the back that you can turn to make quick adjustments. You’ll also have a buckled strap that can be put on and removed without hassle.


  • The wheel on the back of the helmet allows for easy adjustments to get an ideal fit
  • Thick interior padding is comfortable and can be removed for cleaning
  • Four-layer construction offers a high degree of overall protection
  • The breathable design features a total of 13 vents to help you stay cool and dry
  • The buckled strap offers a secure fit at all times
  • The detachable chin guard gives you a versatile design


  • The face shield comes off somewhat easily

BELL Super Air R MIPS Adult Mountain Bike Helmet


The BELL Super Air Mountain Bike Helmet features an impressively rugged polycarbonate shell. The in-molding construction gives you reliable protection that you can consistently rely on.

It features foam padding inside for added durability as well as comfort. This foam material does an excellent job of transferring energy to minimize injuries during high-speed impacts. It is also designed to handle low and rotational impacts exceptionally well.

This helmet has a wraparound chin bar that can be easily removed. It will give you improved protection at all times.

The X-Static padding absorbs moisture quickly and effectively to prevent heat and moisture buildup. It also offers overhead ventilation to keep sweat out of your eyes while cycling. There are a total of 18 vents that ensure superb airflow.

We especially like the visor system on this helmet, which can be adjusted to your preference. This system allows for using both glasses and goggles with no issues whatsoever.

You will also have a camera mount to accommodate any model GoPro and other cameras. This gives you an easy way to record your adventures for the world to see.

The progressive layering that the BELL Super Air features is one reason it made our best bike helmet with chin guard list. It boasts one of the most durable and dependable designs on the market.


  • Solid outer shell with progressive layering offers superb protection
  • The foam lining inside the helmet absorbs impact force effectively
  • The adjustable visor system allows you to wear goggles or glasses comfortably
  • Impressive ventilation helps you stay cool and prevents moisture buildup
  • The lightweight design makes the helmet very comfortable to wear all-day


  • A few customers say that the chin bar is a bit tricky to secure

ROCKBROS Kids Full Face Helmet


The ROCKBROS Kids Full Face Helmet features a tough and resilient polycarbonate shell. Inside, you will find soft EPS foam padding that will keep you comfortable while minimizing impact force in the event of an accident. The foam liner has impressive shock-absorbing capabilities that will give you ample protection.

We also have to mention the breathable design of this helmet. It features 12 vents that allow you to ride around all day without getting too hot or sweaty. Even the foam material inside is very breathable. This dramatically reduces sweating, even when cycling on sweltering days.

You can remove the chin guard on this helmet without any hassle whatsoever. It detaches with the press of a single button. This design offers a high level of convenience when you’d rather ride without the chin guard.

Another reason we put this product on our best bike helmet with chin guard list is its adjustable design. It can be adjusted within a decent range for an ideal overall fit. This helps keep the helmet securely on your head at all times, no matter what.


  • Adjustable design makes it easy to get a perfect overall fit
  • The polycarbonate outer shell is callous
  • The foam lining inside the helmet has an absorbing design
  • Chin guard can be detached very quickly with the push of a button
  • There are lots of vents to help keep you cool and dry even on sweltering days


  • It doesn’t offer quite as much face coverage as some other helmets

Best Bike Helmet with Chin Guard Buying Guide

Best Bike Helmet with Chin Guard

When you need to find the best bike helmet with chin guard, there will be many factors to remember. We have compiled a list of essential criteria to consider when researching each product.

Outer Shell Construction

The material of your helmet’s outer shell is essential in determining how much protection it offers. The very best bike helmet with chin guard will have a solid exterior layer that is made of either ABS or polycarbonate.

We highly recommend buying a helmet that features a layered construction. This will protect you and minimize the risk of severe head injuries.

These days a lot of bike helmets are being made with a multi-directional impact protection system or MIPS for short. This type of design redirects energy upon impact, which reduces the severity of injuries sustained by the wearer. One of these helmets could save your life, so this is worth considering.


Look at the inside of each helmet to see what type of padding is present. You’ll find that the best bike helmet with chin guard will feature EPS foam lining. This material gives you some extra comfort as well as protection. It has incredible shock absorption capabilities that you will be grateful for if you ever get into an accident.

You’ll want to find out how thick the padding inside of each helmet is. This is something else that will determine your safety while wearing it.


An adjustable design is one of the characteristics of the best bike helmet with chin guard. You should be able to make minor adjustments to get an ideal overall fit. This, too, will help give you maximum protection while you are riding.

If your helmet is too loose or tight, it could do more harm than good. We recommend that you take a look at the various sizes that each one offers. Make sure you read the dimensions for these sizes before deciding.


A well-ventilated helmet will help you stay comfortable all day long. We recommend helmets that have at least 12 vents in total. The more vents your helmet offers, the more likely you will stay dry and cool on your bike. You must have good airflow at all times.

The padding inside of the helmet should have a breathable design. Look for helmets that feature ventilation near the eyebrows. This will go a long way towards keeping sweat out of your eyes.

Chin Guard

The actual chin guard on your new helmet is something to consider. You might want to buy one that has a detachable chin guard. This will allow you to ride around without it whenever you want. Look for ones that allow you to remove this piece quickly and easily.

You’ll find that the very best bike helmet with a chin guard will also feature a chin strap. This will be very useful when choosing to ride without the chin guard. This strap should have an adjustable design that lets you get a good fit without hassle.


Pay close attention to the design of each helmet’s visor system. You must get one with an adjustable design with multiple positions.

You should be able to wear glasses or goggles while still using your helmet’s visor. We recommend finding out how many different positions each one offers.

Other Features

You’ll want to consider some other features before choosing the best bike helmet with chin guard. If you want to record your biking excursions, you’ll want to look for a helmet with a camera mount. This will allow you to attach a GoPro or some other type of camera.


Should a helmet be under the chin?

Yes, a helmet should be worn properly with the chin strap securely fastened under the chin to provide maximum protection in case of a fall or impact.

What is the bike helmet that goes around your neck?

The bike helmet that goes around your neck is called a full-face helmet. It covers the entire head and has a chin bar extending around the face’s front for additional protection.

What does the chin bar do on a helmet?

The chin bar on a helmet provides additional protection to the lower part of the face and chin in case of an impact or crash. It helps to reduce the risk of facial injuries and provides extra support to the helmet.

Which bike helmet is safest?

The safest bike helmet is one that meets safety standards and fits properly. Look for helmets certified by organizations like the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) or Snell Memorial Foundation.

What type of helmet is most protective?

The most protective helmet is a full-face helmet, as it covers the entire head and provides the most coverage and protection. However, different types of helmets may be more suitable for cycling activities.

What type of helmet is safest?

The safest helmet meets safety standards and is correctly fitted for the rider. Look for helmets certified by organizations like the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) or Snell Memorial Foundation. Full-face helmets may provide the most protection, but other types can also be safe, depending on the situation.

What People Ask About Best Bike Helmet With Chin Guard

Does a helmet need a chin strap?

Yes, helmets typically require a chin strap for secure fitting and safety compliance, especially in industries like cycling, motorcycling, and construction. The chin strap ensures the helmet stays in place during impacts or accidents, preventing it from falling off and leaving the wearer vulnerable to head injuries.

What helmet has the most protection?

Full-face helmets offer the most protection in the motorcycle industry due to their coverage of the entire head, including the face and chin. These helmets provide superior protection against impacts, debris, and abrasion compared to other helmet types like half-face or open-face helmets.

Which type of helmet is best for the bike?

For biking, helmets explicitly designed for cycling are optimal. They are lightweight, well-ventilated, and aerodynamic, offering comfort during rides while providing essential protection against head injuries. Cycling helmets often feature extended rear coverage and visors to shield the eyes from sun and debris, enhancing safety and performance for cyclists.

Which type of helmet provides better protection?

Full-face helmets generally provide better protection than half-face or open-face helmets. The complete coverage design shields the entire head, including the face and chin, offering superior impact resistance and reducing the risk of facial injuries during accidents or falls, making them ideal for high-risk activities like motorcycle riding or downhill mountain biking.


To find the best bike helmet with a chin guard, you must first look at each one’s overall construction. We recommend buying one that features a solid polycarbonate or ABS shell.

Helmets that offer a multi-layered design tend to provide the best protection. You will also need to make sure that it fits you perfectly. Feel free to comment below so we know what you think about our list.