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Best Kayaking Gloves

best kayaking gloves

Best Kayaking Gloves

If you want to protect your hands while you are out paddling, it is important to find the right gloves. In this article we will take a close look at some of the best kayaking gloves available today.

Our top choice is the KastKing Sol Armis Sun Gloves, which offers SPF 50 protection to prevent sunburns while you are on the water. These gloves are made of sturdy and breathable poly-spandex material. This ensures total comfort and years of reliable use on a regular basis.

Before you decide on a certain pair of gloves, we encourage you to look into each of the products below.

How We Picked The Best Kayaking Gloves

As we put together our best kayaking gloves list, there were a number of things we took into consideration. We first looked at each glove’s UV protection capabilities. If you are going to spend hours outside on the water, you’ll need gloves that offer at least SPF 50 protection.

We also took a close look at the materials these gloves are made of. It is important to choose ones that are breathable and sturdy, so you can depend on them for a long time. They should also offer a good amount of flex so as to allow for full range of movement with your hands and fingers.

A Spotlight On Some of The Best Kayaking Gloves:

Palmyth Fingerless Sun Gloves

FitsT4 Sports Sailing Gloves

Drasry UV Fingerless Fishing Gloves 

XUKER Water Gloves

 KastKing Sol Armis Sun Gloves

Palmyth Fingerless Sun Gloves


The Palmyth Fingerless Sun Gloves offer SPF UV and UPF 50+ protection to keep your hands safe while you are out paddling. These gloves are wear resistant, so they remain effective even after many uses. They feature a long cuff that also protects your wrist at all times.

One of the reasons we chose this product for our list of best kayaking gloves is its reinforced construction. The synthetic leather material makes these gloves very sturdy.

You’ll also notice that they offer an excellent overall grip. The silicone wave pattern is very effective at preventing slipping. This allows you to keep a firm hold on your paddle at all times.

You can use these gloves for fishing, canoeing, hiking, and much more. They have a lightweight design that won’t ever feel too heavy on your hands. The ¾ finger length design allows you to wear them for hours on end with no issues whatsoever. You’ll find that the integrated pull tabs make them easy to take off.

We also really like the breathable design, which prevents excessive heat and sweating. You really can wear them all day long without any discomfort. You’ll be able to toss them in the washing machine after each use for easy cleaning.

Whether you are going to spend the day kayaking or fishing, the Palmyth Fingerless Sun Gloves have a lot to offer. They have a very tough construction and are designed to prevent UV light penetration. You therefore won’t have to worry about your hands or fingers getting sunburned when you are out on the water.


  • Special textured wave pattern offers a firm grip
  • Reinforced with leather material for added durability
  • Pull tabs make them very easy to take off
  • Machine washable for effortless cleaning/maintenance
  • Lightweight and breathable design offers a comfortable all-day fit


  • Some of the seams are a bit bulky


FitsT4 Sports Sailing Gloves


The FitsT4 Sailing Gloves feature synthetic leather material on the palm as well as the thumbs. This provides you with a firm and confident grip while you are paddling. These gloves are designed to prevent blisters as well as sunburns for maximum protection.

There is an additional layer of padding under the palm, which helps to ensure total comfort. The padding material is soft but durable, so you can count on it to last for quite a while.

One of our favorite things about these gloves is their breathable design. Your hands will always stay cool, even when you are paddling in very warm weather. They are also designed to keep water from getting in. You will never have to worry about your gloves getting wet or soggy at any point during your outdoor excursions.

Because these gloves cover ¾ of the fingers, you will retain full dexterity at all times. This enables you to open snacks, tie complicated knots, and much more.

The sheer versatility of the FitsT4 Sailing Gloves makes them some of the best kayaking gloves on the market today. You can use them for sailing, wakeboarding, fishing, kayaking, and many other activities.

You’ll find that the hook and loop closure that these gloves use will keep them securely on your hands at all times. They offer a snug fit without ever feeling too tight. The stretchy fabric gives you a flexible fit that always feel just right.


  • Hook and loop closure offers a secure overall fit
  • Designed to provide full control of fingers
  • Palm padding gives you additional comfort
  • Designed to keep hands cool and dry at all times
  • Synthetic leather gives you a nice firm grip on your paddle


  • A few customers say they are a little too stiff


Drasry UV Fingerless Fishing Gloves


The Drasry UV Fingerless Fishing Gloves use a hook and loop closure design to give you a secure overall fit. These gloves have a remarkably durable construction that is comprised of 80% polyester and 20% spandex. They are incredibly sturdy as well as flexible. You’ll also find that they are designed to for optimal ventilation, so your hands will never get hot and sweaty.

We were impressed by the SPF UV and UPF 50+ protection that these gloves offer. You can paddle around on the water all day without having to worry about sunburns. The built-in pull tabs allow you to remove them very easily, even if they are wet.

The terry cloth material absorbs moisture, which is particularly beneficial when kayaking on those hot summer days. The Velcro wrist strap allows for easy adjustments to give you a comfortable fit. Unlike so many other gloves, these ones will never be too loose or tight.

One of the reasons we chose this product for our best kayaking gloves list is their amazing flexibility. You can expect a snug and secure fit while still having full range of motion. This lets you do everything from hooking your fishing line to tying sailing knots.

The enhanced palm design of these gloves features silicone and synthetic leather materials. This design offers a firm grip that you can always rely on. It also makes them very durable and resistant to ripping and tearing.


  • Adjustable Velcro closure gives you an ideal fit
  • Flexible design gives you full control of your hands
  • Leather and silicone palms give you a solid overall grip
  • UV-resistant design prevents sunburns
  • Dries quickly to keep your hands dry


  • Some customers say they run a bit large


XUKER Water Gloves


The XUKER Water Gloves offer comprehensive protection for your hands while you are on the open water. They feature a strong and highly flexible neoprene construction. This gives you reliable durability with the ability to move your hands freely, so you get the best of both worlds.

You’ll quickly find that these gloves offer superb thermal performance, which means your hands will always stay cool and dry. They have a superbly breathable design to ensure maximum comfort during all of your kayaking trips. This ensures complete warmth if you go paddling in the colder months.

These gloves feature rubber printed palms to give you an excellent overall grip. This makes them well-suited to a variety of activities from snorkeling to sailing. They can also be quite useful when going canoeing or rafting.

We also really like the Velcro wrist straps, which are fully adjustable. This lets you get the best possible fit that is just right overall. This closure design guarantees that your gloves stay on at all times no matter what.

The ergonomic design of these gloves makes them a great choice for just about everyone. They are available in a wide range of sizes from extra small to 2XL.

The gentle materials that make up these gloves give you an extraordinarily comfortable fit. This is just one of the reasons that we included them in our best kayaking gloves list. You’ll never have to worry about experiencing any irritation or injuries while kayaking or engaging in some other activity.


  • They have a slightly strange odor that goes away after washing
  • Neoprene material will keep your hands warm
  • Wrist closure has adjustable design for a custom fit
  • Elastic fabric gives you plenty of flexibility
  • Thick material protects your hands at all times


  • Takes a little while to stretch out for ease of movement


KastKing Sol Armis Sun Gloves


The KastKing Sol Armis Sun Gloves offer SPF 50 protection, so you won’t have to worry about getting burned from sun exposure. In fact, you can stay out on the water all day long with no risk to your hands.

One of the reasons we chose this product for our best kayaking gloves list is its comfortable design. The poly-spandex material that these gloves are made of will provide you with a snug and breathable fit. You will be able to move your hands freely, which will be useful when changing hooks when fishing, or even tying knots.

These gloves feature a microfiber palm design that gives you a firm grip on your paddle at all times. This also ensures years of regular use with little to no wear or damage. You’ll also have pull tabs that make getting them off a breeze.

The extensive UV protection that these gloves offer makes them useful for a wide range of outdoor activities. They have a ¾ finger design that allows for full use of your fingers. This makes them useful for hunting, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, and much more. This is definitely one of the most versatile options available on the market today.

We also have to comment on the extra-long cuff, which provides additional protection from the sun while you are outside. They go particularly well with long sleeve shirts. This will ensure that your arms and hands are shielded from the bright UV rays.

If you are looking for gloves that will prevent damage to your skin while spending time outdoors, these ones are a great choice. They are sturdy, comfortable, and very flexible.


  • Very easy to take off due to integrated pull tabs
  • Extra long cuff offers additional UV protection
  • Elastic material gives you plenty of flexibility
  • Breathable design prevents buildup of heat and moisture inside
  • Easy to clean and care for over the long term


  • Middle finger is a bit long


Best Kayaking Gloves Buying Guide

Best Kayaking Gloves

When you are seeking out the very best kayaking gloves, you will need to make a point of taking a close look at your options. You’ll find that the list below will help you in selecting a pair that matches all of your needs.


Some of the very best kayaking gloves on the market are made of durable materials like nylon, microfiber, silicone, and spandex. These materials are tough as well as flexible. This allows you to retain full dexterity, which is important when kayaking.

A flexible design will also serve you well when fishing, hunting, canoeing, and many other outdoor activities. If the gloves you buy are too stiff, you won’t be able to do things like put bait on your hook, or tie a knot.

The overall construction of your gloves will determine how breathable they are. Gloves that feature poly-spandex material offer excellent breathability. This type of design prevents hot and sweaty hands, which will have a very negative impact on your comfort level.

You should also make certain that the materials that make up your new gloves will not let in water easily. They should also dry quickly, so you won’t have to deal with wet gloves for very long.


Before you can select the best kayaking gloves, you will also need to consider the palm design on each one. Look for gloves that feature a microfiber or synthetic leather palm. This will provide you with a firm grip on your paddle at all times. The last thing you want is to have trouble holding onto your paddle, which can create serious problems.

Gloves that feature a textured wave pattern on the fingers and palms will give you the best overall grip. This is incredibly beneficial when you are participating in a variety of outdoor activities.

UV Protection

You’ll find that the very best kayaking gloves available will offer superb protection from the dangerous UV rays of the sun. We recommend looking for gloves that have an SPF rating of at least 50. This will prevent sunburned hands when you are paddling for hours and hours on the open water on sunny days.


The type of closure that each glove uses is something else to focus on when doing your research. We recommend gloves that use a hook and loop closure. You should be able to adjust the wristband to get the perfect overall fit.

Many of these gloves have Velcro closures, which ensure a snug and secure fit. You therefore won’t have to worry about your gloves being too tight or coming loose at any point during your adventures.

Make sure that the gloves you decide to buy have integrated pull tabs. This will make them easy to get on and off, which is a huge convenience to say the least.


Once you start looking into the best kayaking gloves online, you will notice that there are a variety of designs. Some of these gloves cover ¾ of the fingers, while others only cover about half.

There are definitely benefits associated with both of these designs, but you’ll need to weigh your options carefully. Gloves that have a ¾ finger design will provide you with additional protection while allowing for flexible movement.

We do not recommend completely fingerless gloves, as they don’t offer any protection for your fingers. Half or ¾ fingerless gloves are best for kayaking and many other activities.


The fact is that some gloves are easier to clean and care for than others. You’ll want to find a pair that is machine washable. This will ultimately save you a lot of time and effort over the long term.


Take the time to check out all of the different sizes that each glove offers before making a final decision. Some of the best kayaking gloves will offer a wide range of sizes, so you should be able to find one that meets your needs.

You should also make a point of finding out if each pair of gloves is true to size. Some of them are smaller, while others run larger. This is something you should be able to find out by simply reading customer reviews.


Are kayak gloves worth it?
Yes, kayak gloves are worth it as they provide protection from blisters, calluses, and abrasions caused by prolonged exposure to water and rough surfaces. They also offer better grip and control over the paddle, keeping your hands warm and comfortable.

What are the best gloves for kayaking in the cold?
The best gloves for kayaking in the cold are typically neoprene gloves, as they are waterproof, provide insulation, and retain heat. Look for gloves that have a textured palm for a better grip and a snug fit to prevent water from entering.

How do you protect your hands when kayaking?
To protect your hands when kayaking, wear gloves that are specifically designed for paddling. Look for gloves with reinforced palms for better grip and durability, and consider gloves made from materials such as neoprene or synthetic leather for added protection against water and abrasions.

Why do my hands hurt after kayaking?
Your hands may hurt after kayaking due to prolonged gripping and repetitive motion of paddling. This can cause strain on the muscles and joints in your hands, leading to pain and discomfort. Wearing gloves can help alleviate this pain and provide additional support.

Is kayaking hard on wrists?
Kayaking can be hard on the wrists, especially if proper technique is not used. The repetitive motion of paddling can cause strain on the wrists and lead to discomfort and pain. To avoid this, make sure to use proper paddling technique, take breaks when needed, and consider wearing gloves with wrist support.


In order to choose the best kayaking gloves, it will be necessary to look at the materials each pair is made of. You’ll want to find ones that are sturdy but flexible. This will allow you to retain full movement of your hands and fingers. The gloves you choose should also provide adequate UV protection. Feel free to let us know what you think about our list by leaving a comment below.