Best Ping Pong Paddle for Spin

Best Ping Pong Paddle for Spin

If you want to improve your ping pong skills in a big way, you’ll need to select the right paddle. In this article we will take an in-depth look at several great products to help you find the bet ping pong paddle for spin.

Our top choice is the JP WinLook Ping Pong Paddle Set, which features four paddles that have an incredibly durable 5-layer construction. They also have an ergonomic handle that will give you a high degree of control with each of your hits. This will help you achieve an optimal level of spin that your opponents will never see coming.

Before you decide on a certain paddle, we recommend that you learn about each of the following products.

How We Picked The Best Ping Pong Paddle for Spin

As we put together our best ping pong paddle for spin list, there were numerous things we took into consideration. We first looked at the construction of these paddles. The fact is that some of them are much sturdier than others as a whole. A solid hardwood design is crucial when it comes to getting years of reliable use from yours.

We also focused on the design of each paddle’s handle to ensure superb control. The handle design of your new paddle will ultimately determine your grip, which in turn affects your performance. A comfortable grip can really help you perform at the highest possible level.

A Spotlight On Some of The Best Ping Pong Paddle for Spin:

JP WinLook Ping Pong Paddles Set of 4

PRO-SPIN Ping Pong Paddles

NIBIRU SPORT Ping Pong Paddle Set

AirBlades Professional Ping Pong Paddle with Hard Carry Case

Sport Game Pro Ping Pong Paddle with Killer Spin

JP WinLook Ping Pong Paddles Set of 4


The JP WinLook Ping Pong Paddle Set give you four high quality paddles as well as eight balls. Each of these paddles boasts a sturdy wood construction with a total of five layers. You can use them on a regular basis for years without any damage or wear. They are crack resistant and hold up well over the long term.

One of the reasons we included this product in our best ping pong paddles for spin article is the ergonomic handle. You’ll quickly find that this design will give you a firm grip and a high degree of control. This helps a lot with getting the right amount of spin with each of your hits.

We also really like the versatile design of these paddles. You can use them on indoor or outdoor tables. The medium-soft sponge material on the blade’s surface will also aid you in achieving the perfect spin. It has a bouncy, responsive design that rivals most other paddles on the market today.

The ping pong balls that are included in this set have an impressively durable ABS plastic construction. They can be used in official tournaments with no issues whatsoever. You will also receive a storage case to keep these paddles in when transporting them. This case offers a high level of protection and convenience.

The weighted design of these paddles gives them a nice sturdy feel without being too heavy. They are ideal for tournament play as well as casual games with friends.


  • Sponge material on blade surface gives you superb spin
  • Ergonomic handle design enables complete control at all times
  • Comes with tournament-quality ping pong balls
  • Carrying case keeps your paddles secure while travelling
  • Five-layer construction features ultra-durable hardwood materials


  • Doesn’t offer quite as much bounce as some other paddles


PRO-SPIN Ping Pong Paddles


The PRO-SPIN Ping Pong Paddles provide you with a professional construction that you can count on to last. The 1.8-millimeter sponge padding on the blade gives you a good amount of bounce. This will go a long way towards producing optimal spin for a significant competitive edge.

These paddles have triple-sanded handles that are very smooth and comfortable to hold. They have an ergonomic design that feels incredibly natural. You therefore won’t have to deal with hand fatigue or other issues during gameplay.

When you purchase this set you will also receive a total of eight ping pong balls. These balls have an impressive design that is perfect for professionals who need to train. This set is also a great choice for individuals and families who just want to have fun.

The sticky ITIF-approved rubber material on the surface of the blade is absolutely ideal for maximum spin. It gives you a highly effective way to improve your game without having to devote a lot of time to practicing.

The case that these paddles and balls come in will provide you with a convenient way to transport them. This case has a zipper closure that keeps the contents securely in place at all times. It also has a clear plastic window on the front so you can see inside.

You can trust that all of the paddles in this set meet every modern standard in this sport. It also comes with a 1-year warranty, so you will have complete peace of mind.


  • Sticky rubber material on blade surface gives you ideal spin
  • Comfortable and sturdy wood handles offer a natural grip
  • Eight high-quality ping pong balls designed for tournament use
  • Sponge padding provides you with ample control
  • Designed and manufactured to modern standards


  • Paddle blades lose their stickiness over time with regular use


NIBIRU SPORT Ping Pong Paddle Set


The NIBIRU SPORT Ping Pong Paddle Set is made up of four rackets and eight ping pong balls. It also features a carrying case to keep everything tightly in place while travelling.

These rackets have a five-layer design with durable wood material that won’t splinter or crack with regular use. The handles have a flared design that gives you a nice comfortable grip. You’ll never have to worry about any slipping due to sweat, as the handles are moisture resistant.

We also really like the rubber padding on the blades of these paddles. This material is tough and glued on to ensure it always remains in place. The spongy surface is one of the reasons we put this set on our best ping pong paddle for spin list. It is specifically designed to allow for a high degree of spin on a consistent basis.

You’ll quickly find that the ping pong balls in this set have a very sturdy ABS plastic construction. They are 40 millimeters thick, so you can use them for a long time with little to no damage or wear. The reactive design of these balls will provide you with excellent performance every single game.

When searching for ping pong paddles that have a superb overall design, these ones are worth considering. They are made to stand the test of time, so you can rely on them for years of intense use.


  • Five-layer wood construction holds up well against regular use
  • Handle has flared design for a comfortable non-slip grip
  • Ping pong balls are durable and reactive for optimal performance
  • Spongy rubber padding on blades will give you excellent spin
  • Designed for use on all different types of ping pong tables


  • The handles are a bit short


AirBlades Professional Ping Pong Paddle with Hard Carry Case


These AirBlades ping pong paddles are designed to give you a superb grip for maintaining total control while playing. They have a unique design that makes them suitable for players of all different experience levels.

The ergonomic handle on these paddles is just one of the reasons we put them on our best ping pong paddle for spin list. They feature a curved design that will fit nicely in your hand. This comfortable feel enables you to block, serve, and return more easily. You will almost certainly notice a significant increase in your skills game to game.

We were impressed by the durable hardwood construction of this paddle. It is surprisingly lightweight, which really helps with response time. You’ll be able to return hits faster than ever without sacrificing power.

You’ll find that the 2-millimeter sponge and 1.6-millimeter rubber exterior material are both tough and responsive. They will give you a nice bounce, which provides ample control.

This paddle comes with a high quality case that you can use when traveling. It zips all the way around to keep your paddle secure while you are on the go.

Whether you are playing on indoor or outdoor table, this paddle offers excellent overall performance. It is highly beneficial for beginners, intermediate players, and professionals. This makes it a great choice for just about everyone who plays ping pong.


  • Handle has curved design for comfort and control
  • Thick hardwood construction resists damage for long term use
  • Lightweight design allows you to return hits quickly
  • High end rubber material gives you lots of spin
  • Versatile design allows for use by players of all experience levels


  • Produces hollow sound when ball makes contact


Sport Game Pro Ping Pong Paddle with Killer Spin


The Sport Game Pro Ping Pong Paddle has a superb design that is ideal for practicing as well as actual gameplay. It features a durable and responsive rubber material on the blade surface. The 2-millimeter sponge allows you to return hits with surprising speed. This will help you get the competitive advantage you’ve been searching for.

This paddle has a speed rating of 82, a spin of 91, and a control of 79. You’ll find that this well-rounded design puts you in a perfect position to dominate your opponents on a consistent basis.

We were particularly impressed with the 5-ply construction of this paddle. It uses the best quality wood for a high degree of durability. You can therefore keep using it for a number of years without any issues.

With a total weight of 0.4 pounds, this paddle is very light and will help you hit fast with lots of control. The high spin rating will also do wonders to help you take your game to the next level. The more spin you get with each of your hits, the more likely you are to walk away from each game as the victor.

If you are an intermediate level player, this product has a lot to offer when seeking out the best ping pong paddle for spin. In fact, it is specifically designed for those who want to go to the next level with their skills.


  • Impressively tough 5-ply construction will hold up well
  • Sturdy and bouncy rubber helps you get massive spin
  • Five-ply construction consists of high quality woods
  • Two-millimeter sponge material helps you hit faster than ever
  • Rubber on blade offers bouncy and responsive performance


  • Handle design could use some improvement


Best Ping Pong Paddle for Spin Buying Guide

Best Ping Pong Paddle for Spin

When you are looking for the best ping pong paddle for spin, it is important that you consider several key criteria. You will find that the list below can help you narrow down your options effectively.


As you set out to find the best ping pong paddle for spin, you will need to take a close look at each one’s construction. We recommend a paddle that has a five-ply design that is made up of high quality wood materials. This will pretty much guarantee that your new paddle will stand the test of time.


The rubber material on the surface of the paddle’s blade will also have a profound effect on its performance as a whole. You’ll want to look for paddles that use a high quality rubber that is about 1.6 to 1.8 millimeters thick.

You should also make a point of looking into the thickness of the paddle’s sponge. This material should measure 2 millimeters thick for the best possible spin on all of your hits. You’ll find that thicker sponges will give you increased speed as well.


Make sure that you take a look at the ratings for each paddle as well. These numbers will give you a good sense as to which ones will be able to meet your specific needs.

Keep in mind that each score is always out of 100. If you are a beginner or intermediate player, a spin rating in the low to mid 90s is recommended. If you are a professional, you’ll want a paddle with a spin rating as close to 100 as possible.

It is important to look at the ratings for speed and control as well. This will help you find a paddle that gives you the perfect balance needed to dominate your competition. While these ratings are not the only thing that matter, they are definitely an indication of each paddle’s overall performance.

Handle Design

The design of the paddle’s handle is yet another factor that you will need to keep in mind before making a final decision. You’ll want to buy one that has an ergonomic design. This will provide you with a natural feeling grip for optimal control.

You’ll want to choose a paddle that has a fairly smooth handle that is designed to prevent slipping. The last thing you want is to lose your grip halfway through a game due to sweating. A curved handle design will provide you with lots of control, making it easier to get plenty of spin on your shots.


You should make a point of considering the weight of each paddle as well. Beginners will want to choose a paddle that has a fairly lightweight design. If you have a bit more experience, you can feel free to buy a paddle with a bit more heft to it. Paddles with heavier blades are generally intended for professionals.


It is always a good idea to look into just how versatile each paddle is before making a final decision. You’ll most likely want one that you can use with a variety of balls. This will really help you get your money’s worth.


Don’t forget to look into any accessories each paddle comes with. If you are just starting out with this game, you’ll probably want to purchase a set. There are lots of great sets available that offer numerous paddles and balls.

Make sure that you look at the design of the balls that are included with these sets. You’ll want ones that are sturdy and made to last. This is especially important if you are planning on competing in any tournaments. You should also look into which types of tables they are designed to be used with.

Some sets even give you a carrying case for the paddles. This will provide you with a convenient way to protect them when travelling. The case should close securely to keep the contents safe while in transit.


What is the best spin in ping pong?
The best spin in ping pong is subjective and depends on your playing style and strategy. However, some of the commonly used spins in ping pong include topspin, backspin, sidespin, and combinations of these spins.

Which side of a ping pong paddle has more spin?
The rubber side of a ping pong paddle has more spin potential compared to the wooden side. The rubber side can be customized to have different types of pips, thickness, and texture, which can affect the amount and type of spin produced.

What type of ping pong paddle do pros use?
Professional ping pong players use custom-made paddles with specific rubber and blade combinations that suit their playing style. However, some of the popular brands used by pros include Butterfly, Stiga, and DHS.

How do you hold a ping pong paddle for spinning?
To hold a ping pong paddle for spinning, you can use the shakehand or penhold grip. In the shakehand grip, hold the paddle as you would shake hands with someone. In the penhold grip, hold the paddle between your thumb and index finger, with the blade resting on the palm of your hand.

How do you get crazy spin in ping pong?
To get crazy spin in ping pong, you can try brushing the ball with your paddle at a high speed while using a combination of topspin, sidespin, and backspin. Also, adjusting the angle of your paddle and the amount of force used can affect the type and amount of spin produced.

How can I improve my ping pong spin?
To improve your ping pong spin, you can practice different types of spins and experiment with different rubber and blade combinations to find the ones that suit your playing style. Additionally, focusing on proper technique, timing, and footwork can help you generate more spin in your shots.


In order to select the very best ping pong paddle for spin, you will need to pay close attention to the ratings of each one. You’ll also need to make sure the one you choose has a sturdy overall construction. We recommend paddles that have a five-layer design for maximum strength and durability. Feel free to comment below so we know what you think about our list.

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