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Top 7 Best Volleyballs: Selecting the Ideal Ball in 2023

Serve Up the Best With top 7 Best Volleyballs

In the exhilarating world of volleyball, every spike, every serve, and every set demands precision and skill. Yet, at the core of this dynamic sport lies an essential component often overlooked but vital for peak performance – the volleyball itself. The right volleyball can be a game-changer, elevating your play and enhancing your overall experience on the court.

This comprehensive guide will journey through the most sought-after volleyballs in the market today. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a novice looking to dive into the sport, our mission is to help you make an informed choice regarding this pivotal piece of equipment.

We’ve scoured the market, evaluated performance, considered durability, and analyzed user feedback to create a list of the top 7 volleyballs for 2023. So, whether you’re gearing up for a professional competition or a friendly match with friends, join us in discovering the ideal volleyball that will help you ace your game and reach new heights in your volleyball journey.

Game-Changer Balls: Elevate Your Volleyball Experience with These 7 Best



1. Mikasa V200W Volleyball

Mikasa V200W Volleyball

The Mikasa V200W is your best option if you want to get the volleyball used in both the Olympics and FIVB. Although this Mikasa volleyball is a little more expensive than others on the list, it is thought to be the one that professional volleyball players use the most frequently. The color pattern of this volleyball ball is the first thing you’ll note.

The ball is a mix of yellow and blue, and it is very bright and is less likely to be obscured by the sunshine. The dimpled surface of the ball is responsible for the initial, pleasant grip feeling. To keep the line of the ball as straight as possible, you should choose a ball with a dimpled surface. The 8-panel shape of this volleyball also allows for greater player engagement with the ball, which enhances grip and precision.

Hitters frequently adore the Mikasa V200W for its reassuring sound produced during a strike. The thunderous slap provides instant enjoyment and is likely to draw attention. Although it shouldn’t be your only motivation for buying this volleyball, it is still a notable feature.

Price: $107.54


  • Very bright and easily identifiable.
  • 8-panel design for more control.
  • She dimpled the ball surface for straighter shots.


  • It’s a bit heavier than other volleyballs.

2. Molten FLISTATEC V5M5000 Volleyball

Best Volleyball

If you’re a male volleyball professional, the Molten FLISTATEC V5M5000 is the best option from a practical standpoint. The Molten team of engineers puts a lot of effort into keeping up with the rapidly changing volleyball technology.

This volleyball can go along a straighter course owing to its light Stability Technology. Its Premium Microfiber Composite Cover delivers cleaner passes and a better grip. Moreover, the Nylon Wound increases tensile strength, making the volleyball ball more durable.

The Molten FLISTATEC V5M5000’s size is smaller than some alternative volleyballs on the shelf. Since there are no substantial grooves between the panels on this volleyball, your hand has more surface area to establish contact with. You can add more spin to your attacks and serves because of the additional surface area.

Price: $105.99


  • Flight stability.
  • Microfiber increases grip against sweat or sand.
  • Increased durability due to Nylon.


  • Heavier than other volleyballs.

3. Molten Super Touch IV58L

3 7

The Japanese leather skin of this Molten volleyball is the first thing you’ll notice about it. Molten volleyballs are consistently created with exceptional craftsmanship, which is obvious. But the Molten Super Touch has a unique grip unlike any other ball on the shelf once worn in. Although it has a conventional leather feel, it has more padding, so repeated passes won’t hurt as much.

The Molten Super Touch seamlessly transitions between the various game elements, making it playable. Although it has a decent rebound, the smooth skin digs down slowly for improved grip. Because of its lightweight and rapid release, this volleyball is also a good option for setters. Sweat frequently significantly affects leather volleyballs, but not with the Molten Super Touch because perspiration appears to absorb into its surface so that the hold won’t be damaged throughout a volleyball match.

This Molten volleyball’s capacity to be lightweight and durable is another good feature. You will not be concerned about the ball degrading over time because it was made for training.

Price: $56.78


  • It is the official Volleyball Ball of the USAV / NCAA Women’s Championships.
  • It is Durable and Lightweight.
  • Great Grip.


  • The air-holding capacity of this ball is not good.

4. Tachikara SV5W-GOLD

Best Volleyball

In terms of volleyball balls, Tachikara has existed since 1915 and is widely recognized. Do not let the fact that they don’t have the same flash as a Molten or Mikasa deter you from giving them some thought. Both novice and expert volleyball players can benefit from using the Tachikara SV5W-GOLD ball.

Its panels of finely woven cotton reinforcements produce a smooth and even touch. It equally distributes the initial force of passes, digs, and spikes while diminishing the impact of air barrier buffers. Internal suspension of the Quad-Carbon isomer bladder improves air retention and endurance. The dual bladder improves flight shape recall and control reaction. The Tachikara SV5W-GOLD weighs less than the other volleyballs on the list. This ball will not hurt your forearms during passing if used frequently.

Unlike other volleyballs on the list, the Tachikara volleyball is more advantageous to the setter than the hitter. Instead of spinning, the ball often floats. This ball is a fantastic option for coed recreational league players and boys’ volleyball players who have not yet started college.

Price: $60.90


  • It’s beneficial for any player.
  • Smooth leather feel.


  • There can be durability issues.
  • This volleyball needs to be worn out first.

5. WILSON Soft Play Volleyball

5 7

Spending too much money at the start of your adventure is not advisable if you want to try a new sport. The last thing you want to do when trying anything new is to overpay and then discover that you don’t like the activity, resulting in monetary loss.

Wilson’s volleyballs are an excellent option if you want something to practice your basics with. Compared to the other volleyballs on this list, they are not only less expensive, but they are also very enduring. Wilson is a well-known company, and professional players can recognize it. The most you’ll spend on volleyball if you do decide you don’t like it is $9, which isn’t too shabby in the grand scheme of things.

Price: $16.95


  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Quite Durable.


  • Lesser quality and premium materials.

6. EVZOM Super Soft Volleyball

Best Volleyball

This volleyball works well in the arena as well as on the sand. Because of its outstanding durability, your ball will bounce back even if it collides with a rugged object along the beach. Additionally, because it is a regular size, you may practice your volleyball techniques with a ball that feels much like the ones used in competitive games.

You don’t have to worry about your buddies having blisters on their arms after playing because this soft variety volleyball is ideal for novices and kids. This beach volleyball can be used if you’re going for a trip with several buddies and if you know that the venue has its volleyball court.

Price: $19.89


  • Great for beginners and novices.
  • It is the best volleyball for beaches.


  • A bit expensive

7. Runleaps Volleyball

Best Volleyball

There is always a potential that the ball will wind up flying into the water while playing beach volleyball. Of course, you’ll likely be able to retrieve it lest the sea chooses to drift it out of sight, but the seawater may cause damage or wear and tear. Fortunately, a few beach volleyballs are specifically made to withstand persistent wetness and moisture, and this volleyball is one of them.

You may practice volleyball on the net one day and play it outside on the beach the next because this volleyball can be played both inside and outside. It also has excellent air tightness, enabling you to go for weeks without adding more air. This is a good pick-up because you’ll need it to endure the elements if you plan to play volleyball anyplace there is open space.

Price:  $22.99


  • Runleaps can be used in indoor and outdoor courts.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Very Durable.


  • Not many color options.

5 Things to Consider While You Buy the Perfect Volleyball for You

It’s not as simple as you may assume to buy volleyballs. The player should consider numerous aspects of the court. Here are a few things to think about before making a smart buy:

  1. Intended Use:

    • Professional Matches: If you’re playing at a competitive level or for organized matches, you’ll want a volleyball that meets official regulations. Look for balls approved by FIVB (Fédération Internationale de Volleyball) for indoor play and AVP (Association of Volleyball Professionals) for beach volleyball.
    • Casual Games: A more affordable and versatile volleyball is suitable for recreational use or playing with friends in the park. It should still offer decent durability and performance but may not need to meet stringent professional standards.
    • Indoor vs. Beach Volleyball: Indoor and beach volleyball balls are designed differently. Indoor balls are typically lighter and more responsive, while beach volleyballs are heavier to withstand wind and sand. Choose accordingly.
  2. Material and Construction:

    • Cover Material: The cover of a volleyball can be made from synthetic leather or microfiber. High-quality balls often have a microfiber cover, which provides excellent grip and control. Synthetic leather covers are more durable but may not offer the same touch.
    • Bladder Material: Volleyballs have either latex or butyl bladders. Latex bladders provide a softer touch and feel but may require more frequent inflation. Butyl bladders are more durable and retain air better.
  3. Size and Weight:

    • Official Size (Size 5): This is the standard size for adult and professional volleyball matches. Its circumference is about 25.6 to 26.4 inches, and weighs 9.2 to 9.9 ounces.
    • Youth Size (Size 4): Suitable for younger players, with a smaller circumference of approximately 24 to 25 inches and a weight of 8.1 to 8.8 ounces.
    • Mini Size (Size 3): Designed for children and beginners, with a circumference of around 21 to 22 inches and a weight of 7.1 to 7.8 ounces.
  4. Brand and Quality:

    • Reputable Brands: Recognized brands like Mikasa, Molten, Tachikara, and Wilson have established a reputation for producing high-quality volleyballs. Choosing a reputable brand often ensures better quality control and consistent performance.
    • Durability: Consider the quality of the stitching, the integrity of the bladder, and the overall craftsmanship of the ball. Well-constructed volleyballs are less likely to lose shape or durability over time.
  5. Price:

    • Budget: Set a budget for your volleyball purchase, but be willing to invest a bit more for a higher-quality ball. Remember that a well-constructed ball lasts longer and provides a better playing experience.
    • Value for Money: While expensive doesn’t always mean better, balancing your budget and the quality you desire is essential. Read reviews and seek recommendations to find a ball that offers good value for your investment.


a. Is Mikasa or Molten better?
Mikasa and Molten are reputable brands in the world of volleyball equipment, and professional players use their products. The choice between the two ultimately comes down to personal preference. Try out both brands to see which one feels more comfortable and suits your playing style.

b. Is Mikasa V200W good?
The Mikasa V200W is a high-quality volleyball ball used in international competitions. It’s made from high-quality synthetic leather and has a soft feel that is easy to control. Many players praise its durability, grip, and accuracy. The Mikasa V200W is an excellent choice for players looking for a top-tier volleyball ball.

c. How do I choose a volleyball ball?
When choosing a volleyball ball, consider the following factors:

  • Size: Select the appropriate size for your age and gender.
    Material: Look for balls made from high-quality synthetic or composite leather for durability and consistent performance.
  • Grip: Ensure the ball has a good grip for optimal control and accuracy.
  • Weight: Choose a weight that feels comfortable for you to handle and suits your playing style.
    What is the difference between Mikasa v200 and v300?
    The Mikasa V200 and V300 are both high-quality volleyball balls, but they have some differences. The V300 has a slightly different surface texture, which provides better grip and control. It also has a new panel shape that helps reduce the amount of seams on the ball, leading to a more consistent flight path. The V300 is slightly more expensive than the V200.

d. Which is better, MVA200 or MVA300?
The MVA200 and MVA300 are both high-quality volleyball balls, but the MVA300 is an upgraded version of the MVA200. The MVA300 has a new panel shape that reduces the amount of seams on the ball, leading to a more consistent flight path. It also has a slightly different surface texture, providing better grip and control. Overall, the MVA300 is considered an improvement over the MVA200 but is also more expensive.

e. Is Mikasa MVA 330 good?
The Mikasa MVA 330 is a high-quality volleyball ball for training and recreational play. It’s made from high-quality synthetic leather and has a soft feel that is easy to control. Many players praise its durability and accuracy. However, it’s not used in international competitions like the Mikasa V200 or V300.

Final Thoughts

As we reach the final whistle of our exploration into the world of volleyballs, one thing becomes abundantly clear: the ideal volleyball can be a game-changer. It’s not just an accessory; it’s a partner on your journey to volleyball excellence. In this guide, we’ve delved deep into the top choices available in the current market.

From premium performance balls to those tailored for beginners, we’ve covered various options, ensuring every player can find the perfect match. Remember, your choice of volleyball can impact your serves, sets, and spikes, influencing your overall performance and enjoyment of the game.

So, whether you’re striving for championship glory or simply relishing the camaraderie of the court, we hope this guide has armed you with the knowledge you need to select the ideal volleyball for your needs. With the right ball by your side, you’re poised for more precise serves, higher jumps, and countless memorable moments on the volleyball court. Embrace the power of choice, and let your game soar.